Renter's Insurance

You really can't afford not to have it.


Renters often believe that their possessions aren't worth much, that apartment and condo insurance is too expensive, or, that in case of a disaster, they will be covered by their landlord's insurance. Unfortunately, all are incorrect. Here's why:

Worth: Could you afford to replace stolen valuables from a break-in or everything you own if your rental were destroyed by fire or other disaster?

Cost: For the cost of a few lattes, a CD or a large pizza - just $10 to $15 per month - you could purchase renters insurance for your personal property.

Landlord's Coverage: The landlord's insurance generally covers the building only, not the privately owned contents of the units. QBE Farmers Union’s Renters Insurance: you really can't afford not to have it.

In addition to Renters Insurance, you may be interested in additional coverages to protect yourself:

• Auto Insurance

• Overall Personal Umbrella to add more coverage

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